What we do.

We are experienced and we have the capability to deliver trade-in excellence across a variety of different channels.

Redeem is dedicated to driving innovative solutions. Our structure fully supports our partners in differentiating their offering and driving a significant customer acquisition and retention opportunity. The key differentiator between Redeem and other trade-in programmes is our proactive support, engagement and capability.

Whether you're a retailer, MNO, operator or enterprise business, we move fast, take advantage of changes in the market, integrate conveniently into every touch point in the customer life cycle and add significant value to your business. We are more than just systems and infrastructure.

We provide innovation, thought leadership and leading trade-in, buy-back and aftersales solutions.

We lead the market through:

Attractive rewards to your customer base.

Environmental compliance at all levels.

Flexibility in our systems and support.

Convenience and ease of use.


What we do.

Some of our partners.