Corporate Responsibility.

Redeem is a leading value recycler with the vision of making sustainability easy. We are committed to reducing electronic waste globally by driving sustainable business growth through innovation, empowerment and ethics.  We take great pride in our corporate responsibility operations and aim to encourage high standards within our operations and across our supply chain.  We act honestly and with integrity to ensure our customers have confidence in the Redeem brand. Read our full Corporate Responsibility policy. 

At Redeem, we recognise that our day-to-day activities have an inherent element of risk to the environment and we are committed to understanding the environmental implications of our operations.  Our main environmental impact is a positive one: our global operations reduce the amount of raw materials and energy required to manufacture new electronic goods, and helps divert substantial amounts of electronic waste from landfill.  Our operations provide refurbished handsets to people in developing countries where the reliance on telecommunications is very high but the landline infrastructure is poor and the cost of new handsets often prohibitive.

Through our recycling programmes, electronic devices are provided a new lease of life.  In 2015 we recycled over 925000 electronic devices.

In addition to our positive measures, Redeem takes the environmental impacts of our operations seriously.  We have held ISO 14001 certification since 2002 and actively monitor and measure our environmental impact.  

We have calculated the carbon emissions associated with our energy consumption at all our locations and for that associated with our business travel.  

*Data assumptions - 2015 emission factors.  2012-13 Data:  Gas consumption in Falkirk has been estimated for November 2012 to March 2013.  2013-14 Data:  Gas consumption from Falkirk has been estimated for April, May and June 2013.  Vehicle emissions have been estimated using average fuel consumption figures from 2014 as the company van makes a similar trip daily.  2014-15 Data:  Falkirk ceased operating in March.  Burton figures have been generated from energy invoices.  Macclesfield data is calculated at 85% of the electricity consumption for the entire site.  Taxi data assumes a standing charge of £2.50 per journey and £1.70 per mile.  2015-16 Data:  As 2014-15.  

In 2016-17, we are committed to:

Reducing our energy consumption by 5%

Monitoring business travel to include within our carbon reporting.

Reduce packaging per device sold by 2%

Reducing our waste production by 2%

For any other questions regarding our environmental performance, please contact our Group Risk Manager.


Over our 20 year history we have developed partnerships with charities across the globe, linking the recommerce sector with the developing world and helping those most in need. After all, working with charities is intrinsically linked with the company’s formation and in the past we have worked closely with a number of charities across a number of different causes.


In August 2016 Redeem launched their exciting partnership with Grow Movement with the aim of providing access to technology in some of the poorest areas Africa. Your redundant equipment is an incredibly valuable tool in a developing country.

Together with our clients, we donate technology such as mobile phones, laptops to traders which enables them to conduct business on a daily basis. This helps create new jobs and reduces poverty whilst transforming lives and communities.

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Through our ongoing close relationship with Telefonica we have continued to raise money for the Think Big foundation. Think Big supports young people with great ideas and supports them by giving them the training to make their ideas work and become reality. Through Europe’s largest trade-in programme, O2 Recycle, Think Big has received over £4 million in contributions.