Resale solutions.


Redeem's multi market sales strategy allows us to maximise the resale value of each device therefore ensures a competitive and sustainable customer offer. Our global sales strategy and multi market approach ensures Redeem minimises risk through operating sales on a global scale and diversifies through focusing on multi markets to our extensive customer base. Redeem have an extensive network of global customers which enable us to maximise the value we receive per device whilst also supporting our partners with competitive and sustainable pricing.

We can offer our partners access across our extensive sales network through:

Our 20 years' experienced live sales teams.

Trade auctions.

Wholesale & distributor sales.

Retail customers across multiple territories.

Direct to consumer sales through our custom build platform.

Partner Buyback Programme’s tailored to your requirements.


Our expertise operates across 26 countries in three continents, with regional offices in the UK, Iberia (Spain), Nordics/Baltics (Sweden and Estonia), Asia (Hong Kong) and Middle East (Dubai). 

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