Redeem wins Best Recycling Service at the 2017 Mobile Industry Awards

Redeem, the leading mobile industry services company, is delighted to announce it has won the award for Best Recycling Service for its mobile-phone trade-in and recycling programme with Telefónica, at the 2017 Mobile Industry Awards on 1 June 2017. 

This is the second time in almost as many months that the business has been recognised by its industry peers for the innovative nature of its service to O2 Recycle, having picked up a similar prize at the Mobile News Awards in March. 

At last night’s ceremony in London, the judges praised the O2 scheme, saying: “O2 Recycle provides a service which stands above all others by proving its value to partners and customers.” 

Redeem operates Europe’s largest trade-in programme, O2 Recycle, for Telefónica in the UK which Redeem has supported since 2009. Over two million devices have been processed through the scheme and over £150m returned to customers. 

During this time, the business has also generated nearly £5m for the Telefónica charity, Think Big which is aimed at inspiring young people to learn digital skills that help them get a foot on the career ladder and to think about their responsibility to the environment. 

Redeem manages the programme for O2, including devising and executing online and offline campaigns. This helps O2 customers to recognise the value in their old technology and provides a trusted and integrated service that enables them to upgrade to the latest technology with the minimum of fuss, thereby improving loyalty and retention.

Paul Adams, CEO of Redeem, said: “At the heart of Redeem’s business is customer experience. Whilst other trade-in programmes exist, the key differentiator between Redeem and others is our proactive support, engagement and capability. We move fast, take advantage of changes in the market and integrate conveniently into every touch point in the customer lifecycle, adding value and supporting our client base on driving strong customer acquisition and retention campaigns through trade-in propositions.”