Redeem renews contract with Telefónica UK for O2 Recycle, the largest mobile network operator recycling scheme in Europe

Redeem, the leading mobile phone recycling and re-commerce company in Europe, is delighted to announce a new three-year deal with Telefónica UK to support O2 Recycle. O2’s mobile-phone trade-in and recycling programme is the clear market leader among major network operators in the UK and Redeem is proud that its strong and successful partnership continues.

O2 has invested significantly over the years to ensure that customers are able to trade in their old phones easily for money off a new phone, cash in hand or bill credit. Customers are able to walk into over 450 O2 stores and hand over their phone to an O2 advisor, who arranges payment and ensures the process for securely wiping the data is followed, giving customers total peace of mind.

Customers are also able to use O2’s online service to trade in their old phone for payment or money off a new phone – 3,500 telesales advisors are also available to offer assistance. O2 offers, in addition, a trade-in and recycling service for business customers, with 250 business account managers available to assist with any enquiries.

Behind O2’s trade-in and recycling programme sits Redeem, which works closely with O2 to manage the innovative programme, monitor customer service, support O2 advisors and ultimately recycle or recommerce the used devices. During  2014 O2 and Redeem delivered over £30 million in customer payments and discounts, and recycled or repurposed  as many as 420,000 devices – growth of 18% in units year-on-year. Since 2009, under the partnership with Redeem, O2 customers have traded in more than 1.3 million devices.

Claes Svensson, CEO of Redeem said: “O2’s partnership with Redeem is the biggest trade-in and most prominent recycling operation of any European major network operator. It brings big benefits to consumers in the form of cash payments and trade-in value for their old devices, and we at Redeem are truly excited to be working with O2 to help support and develop their customer relationships. Of course, recycling old phones and extending their useful lives also has broader social and environmental benefits.”

Nicky McGroarty, Head of Supply Chain and Commercial Partners at Telefónica UK, said: “O2 Recycle is an increasingly important part of how we trade, combining brand, innovation and a fantastic experience whilst giving customers great value. Redeem have now been working with us since 2009 and their leadership within our business has been a big factor in the success of the programme.”

The renewal of the contract lays the foundation for strong growth both of the O2 trade-in programme and for Redeem itself. It will support future innovation within consumer electronic recycling and trade-in at O2, and underpins the commitment of both companies to this space.

Additionally O2 Recycle will continue to help fund O2’s Think Big programme, which supports young people in the UK. Bill Eyres, O2’s Head of Sustainability said, “The potent combination of the environmental benefits that have come from recycling over 1 million unwanted devices to date, and the social benefits that have been brought about through the young people’s community initiatives that O2 Recycle has funded is something to be celebrated. The renewal of the contract with Redeem will further these benefits significantly.”

According to a report published last year by Technavio, 5.4 million handsets in the UK were recycled in 2013, with figures expected to reach 6.7 million in 2014 and 16 million by 2018. As smartphones and consumer electronics devices in general become more sophisticated, their lifetime value is becoming ever greater. This means that consumers in the developing economies can share in these technological advances, supporting the burgeoning global electronic recycling and re-commerce market.