Redeem Awarded Carbon Trust Standard, Recognising Achievements in Carbon, Energy and Waste

Redeem, the leading mobile phone recycling and re-commerce company in Europe, is delighted to announce it has recently been recognised for its environmental performance by the Carbon Trust, an organisation with a mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy.

Redeem has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, which recognises reductions in a company’s carbon emissions. Redeem has also been awarded the Carbon Trust Waste Standard, which recognises improvements in waste management practices. Both awards are for all the company’s operations in the United Kingdom.

The two awards underline Redeem’s commitment to recycling and the efficient use of resources.  In 2014, Redeem recommerced or recycled 1.9 million phones, and gave £65 million back to customers for their old phones. Redeem sources used mobile phones from 24 countries around the world and sells them into 23 countries.

The Carbon Trust’s assessor noted that Redeem has:

  • Achieved a reduction of 31.6% in carbon footprint relative to turnover over the certification period
  • Developed an up-to-date CSR policy, signed off by the CEO and setting carbon reduction targets
  • Put in place a line of reporting with regard to carbon and energy management and waste reduction
  • Maintained good carbon accounting procedures and monitoring of energy consumption
  • Made carbon reduction investments and has plans for future investments
  • Raised environmental awareness among staff, including through environmental reduction workshops
  • Enacted good engagement with its supply chain and clients regarding carbon and energy-related matters
  • Actively worked to reduce the weight and size of its packaging
  • Set waste reduction targets, with action plans and monitoring also in place
  • Kept a well-documented track of its waste streams which is reviewed at senior management level and audited on an annual basis
  • Worked with suppliers to reduce waste

Claes Svensson, CEO of Redeem, said: 

“We are really pleased that the Carbon Trust has made these awards to Redeem. We have worked hard to make our company as resource efficient as we can and made meaningful changes to help achieve that. We look forward to maintaining our certifications to the Carbon Trust Standard and continuing to develop a company culture that supports those aims.”

Barry McAloon, Group Risk Manager of Redeem said:
“The Carbon Trust is well-respected for quite literally setting the standards when it comes to the management of carbon, energy and waste. Their inspections and reports are granular in detail – we look forward to following their guidance and of course making further improvements.”

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust, said: “As a company whose core business involves improving resource efficiency, it is good to see that Redeem is effectively minimising its own environmental impact year-on-year. We are delighted to award certification to the Carbon Trust Standard to Redeem, recognising the company’s successful ongoing reductions in carbon emissions and improvements in waste management.”