Providing access to technology in Africa.

 Grow Movement Partnership. 

Your donated phones will:

Reduce poverty
in Africa.

Create jobs and
support young

Improve nutrition,
healthcare and
education for families.

Improve local
economies and


 In August 2016 Redeem launched their exciting partnership with Grow Movement with the main goal of transforming lives and communities in some of the poorest areas in Africa. 

We believe that providing access to technology will help reduce poverty by ensuring traders will be able to conduct business on a daily basis and attain the skills to expand their business whilst creating jobs within their community. 

Additional jobs, means improved self-confidence and income, which leads to improved nutrition, healthcare, and education for families and children in particular. All these things lead to an improved local economy and community. 

Grow Movement has a network of consultants based all over the globe, who volunteer to train and mentor traders through Skype using technology such as mobile phones and laptops. This will enable them to have the right skills to conduct business. 


Here are some examples where Grow Movement have supported individuals:


How you can get involved?

Donate your devices to those who need it most.

Your redundant equipment is an incredibly valuable tool in a developing country.

You will be provided the option to donate a value of your devices recycled to Grow Movement charity. The value of your devices recycled will be utilised to provide funding or suitable devices to ensure traders like Janet and Gavin can: 

• run their business on a daily basis.

• connect with their volunteer consultant who will provide them
with the right skills they need through an in-depth program.


Did you know?


Just 1 mobile phone* could ensure another trader like Janet or Gavin can conduct business on a daily basis. 



50 mobile phones* could ensure Grow Movement projects are never without the technology it needs to make these programs happen.



100 mobile phones* could ensure another trader like Janet or Gavin to be supported through a volunteer program creating 2 new jobs**. This means improved education, health, and positive role models for all their children of those families.


* based on the average mobile phone value. | ** average job creation. 


To donate your devices:


Call us on
+44 (0)1283 516 259


To find out more about Grow Movement and the positive impact they are creating,
please visit their website:

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