Corporate & Enterprise.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the corporate and enterprise sector.

We provide bespoke National, European, EMEA and Global recycling solutions for thousands of businesses, which can be tailored for any market sector.
With over 1 million devices processed each year, we can ensure a market leading performance through our fully accredited range of services. 

With Redeem’s market-leading service being offered to over 100,000 customers across 16 nations, the world’s leading businesses trust us. By utilising our global remarketing network we can easily access devices, evaluate their optimum resale market and redistribute to a worldwide market for reuse.

Our process.

We have a full consultation process in place to ensure we deliver the best suitable recycling strategy to meet your needs whilst meeting all regulations. The stages within this includes:


An initial meeting to understand your requirements.


Redeem will provide a bespoke proposal incorporating details of our solution.


Once the proposal is agreed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is issued and signed.


The collection process begins.

We strive to make our service simple, where we will own the full process from start to finish through one key account manager providing regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual collections - as regular as you require them.

We are happy to collect electronic equipment from any location if viable and depending on your business needs.  UPS is our preferred courier service we use for thousands of collections each month on a global and national scale. Our fully Accredited IT Recycling Partner will collect any desktop computers, using their own secure vehicles, all arranged through your Redeem contact.

Our team of qualified technicians will then carry out a fully certified evaluation, including a comprehensive inspection and data erasure service for each device. As an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) we are able to treat and repair devices where necessary. Once devices have gone through our fully certified reuse process, they are then redistributed to emerging markets around the globe.

Revenue generated.

At Redeem we are flexible and will support your business with payments that benefit you most. There are no costs associated with our recycling solutions. We offer removal of IT equipment on a cost neutral basis.

Some clients like to reinvest the value back into their business others wish to make a donation to a charity of their choice. Whichever option you choose, you can be confident that payment is prompt and hassle-free.


Leading data erasure procedures.

Redeem’s service offering provides secure data erasure procedures for all mobile/smart phones, laptops, tablets and IT equipment as standard. 
As a Gold Partner of Blancco our premium service includes data erasure via Blancco software offering Blancco Mobile for mobile/smart phones and tablets and Blancco 5 for laptops.

Alternatively devices will follow our standard data erasure procedures carried out by trained technicians in a secure area. The procedure conducted will depend on the device and where the data is stored.


Online portal.

Our clients are granted multiple logins for our live portal. On here you will be able to track each office's collections and store all the necessary certificates online. 

Full asset management reporting & audit trail.

Detailed analysis.

Certificates stored online.

Full track & traceability of all IMEIs processed.

Our support.

We can work with your business to provide you the support required to help maximise the opportunity.
We can provide a full process to help you obtain more devices back from your employees. Some examples of where we have supported National, European, EMEA and Global solutions include:

Creative videos.

Personalised collection boxes.

Posters, leaflets.


Email communications.


Raising funds for charity.

Case study.


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