Branded trade-in.

Redeem – a flexible solution with multiple ways of working. 

Our solutions for MNOs, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and other businesses are aimed at making it easy and removing the barriers to trade-in and trade-up to new devices. Our proactive account management style ensures we fully understand all sales processes allowing us to integrate into the customer life-cycle and add value to the customer transactions. In our experience a successful trade in programme combines attractive rewards, convenience, customer experience and environmental responsibility, our solution makes this easy.

Our successful engagements have led to the development of many innovative products and services for our partners on both the consumer and business side. We anticipate the opportunity to introduce these concepts as a key differentiator for channel sales, reducing total costs of device ownership and risk.

We deliver innovative products into any market.


You can trust Redeem to drive innovation and excellence - we operate the UK’s largest trade in programme with Telefonica – over £100 million paid to customers.

Multichannel solutions.

Redeem have specifically adapted its system to work within each unique channel such as retail, call centre, online or business.


We share our experience to deliver strategies that drive innovative results such as retaining over 50% of trade-in value in our partners business – providing an essential up-sell opportunity helping customers purchase accessories and insurance.


TITUS Engagement – we don’t stop at systems we put boots on the ground and help your people to drive trade in as an essential sales tool.

Market leading reporting.

We provide our partners with real time MI to support informed decisions and drive campaign growth.


Our systems are built to your requirements to add value to your sales conversions.

Multi-platform capability.

We will drive traffic to our responsively designed platform and convert it.

Customer insight.

We monitor our customer insight to deliver instant change/ service improvement.


We help to provide cost effective solutions - customer leasing devices and upgrading for free after 12/ 24 months.


Reporting and MI.

We keep our clients updated through robust reporting on all elements of our program.

Financial, operational & forecasting reporting.

Support from key account manager.

Customised dashboards.

Export to multiple formats.

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Case study.

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