Redeem is a leading global provider of recycling and recommerce solutions for mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices.

Tailored solutions.

Redeem utilises its 20 years' of experience to deliver scalable, innovative and market leading solutions at both a global and local level. Our solutions are tailored to each client requirement providing maximum simplicity and flexibility.

Unique partnerships.

Redeem is a leader in re-commerce, we have the systems and infrastructure in place and our unique approach to partnerships provides the perfect platform for growth with our customers – Redeem makes sustainability easy.

Recycling & re-commerce.

Around 95% of the traded-in devices Redeem handle are data-wiped, refurbished and resold. The 5% that cannot be restored are fully recycled, leading to zero waste going to landfill. 

We work with mobile network operators, retailers, businesses and consumers looking for recycling or re-commerce solutions for their mobile devices.